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What is the purpose of vitamin D in the body?
Known as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is a vitamin you can get from food or supplements. Exposure to the sun also stimulates vitamin D production in the skin.

Vitamin D serves several important functions in the body. These include:

promoting calcium absorption
maintaining normal calcium and phosphate levels
promoting bone and cell growth
reducing inflammation
According to Harvard University, an estimated 1 billion people are low in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiencies can cause short-term symptoms and long-term complications.

What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?

Several factors have contributed to the rising incidence of vitamin D deficiency. These include:

wearing sunscreen (sunscreen blocks the sun’s ability to stimulate vitamin D production)
not spending enough time outside
having darkly pigmented skin, which won’t absorb the sun’s rays as well
exclusively breast-feeding babies for prolonged time periods
being obese, which typically raises your vitamin D requirements
Some people are born without the ability to process vitamin D. Other people have medical conditions that keep them from digesting vitamin D well.

Vitamin D deficiency doesn’t always cause symptoms. When it does, some of the symptoms may include:

difficulty thinking clearly
bone pain
frequent bone fractures
muscle weakness
soft bones that may result in deformities
unexplained fatigue
Vitamin D deficiencies don’t always cause symptoms until levels get very low or have been low for some time. This can make the condition difficult to diagnose.

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source: Health Line Dot Com

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