I Am a Teacher 5/5 (2)

I am a teacher, not by accident but by choice. If others found a dozen of reasons to leave the Department of Education, I also found more than a dozen of reasons to stay in the department that became not just my bread and butter but the source of hope of every little soul.

I definitely agree by the reasons stated by a resigned public school teacher. I do respect her choice and decision on giving up her profession. The mentioned reasons were true. I myself experienced not just a half of those dilemma but I experienced firsthand almost all of the stated reasons. Yes, teachers should be given importance by upgrading the salary and benefits. Our educational system also is not yet perfect, and should be given attention, but it is improving, we all are. I have handled grade five and six, a combination class, I also experienced the entire burden that every teacher faced when they were just new in the service, from having confusions on how to start writing the daily lesson plan, sleepless nights of IM’s preparation, working hard and spending much on classroom structuring, to classroom management (which I enjoyed the most) and dealing with the different personalities of parents and workmates. But, if given a chance to choose again what I would like to be, I would still choose to be a public school teacher.

Behind all the issues and controversies our department is currently facing, I am happy to be a part of the department and be a part of the solution, instead. Despite all these issues, let us all continue to work hard and give our best in everything we do because giving up will never be the solution. Believe in the smallest hope there is, make it big, stay positive, never give up, continue believing that we can give the best education to our future leaders.

What makes me choose to stay in the department?

  1. I am happy with my job.
  2. Teaching is my bread and butter. It is the source of fund that provides the needs of my family.
  3. The arising competition encourages me to upgrade myself, to continue working and be a better version of myself.
  4. The department provides different materials, specifically in science and mathematics, for example, the human torso and science laboratory equipments which can be used for a better and interactive teaching-learning activity. MG classes are also lucky to have the MG-BOW, very inspiring trainings for MG teachers and innovations to help us teachers.
  5. The department provides modern technologies, the DepEd Computerization Program(DCP) makes my job easier.
  6. The department is doing everything it can in order to give what the teachers need and what we deserve, we just need to learn to appreciate it and open our hearts for us to see their efforts as well. If we are busy with the different reports, mind you, our superiors are busier consolidating and analyzing these reports. Everyone in the department is busy working on reports, deadlines, innovations and everything…for improvements.
  7.  Materials can be provided without exerting too much effort, print pictures and reading materials, use audios and show videos in your computer.
  8. I can accurately explain to the children without using too much of my voice through the use of multimedia, for example in Science, when discussing the functions of the heart, I can now show a video presentation about it.
  9. Tracking and keeping of records became easier due to technologies. We now have automated class record and school forms.
    10. I can now download, modify and contextualize lesson plans according to my preference and needs of my learners.
  10. There is a learning portal (LRMDS) wherein I can access many teaching learning materials that will aid the teaching learning process.
  11. I can help my children on their different school problems because I understand the different school policies and psychology of every child’s behavior, and it makes me happy to see that I am making a difference in their lives when I talk to them.
  12. There is now the so called MOOE (Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses) that can be utilized in purchasing teaching related materials and conducting trainings. It might not be enough to accommodate all the expenses of the materials needed in the school and in teaching but it is a great aid to minimize spending my own money for teaching and classroom structuring purposes. It is indeed very helpful in maintaining and improving the environment of the school if utilized properly.
  13. Not to mention the SBM grant given to some schools which is also a big help not just to the teachers but also to the learners.
  14. There are different teacher’s seminars that are free, like the mass training of the K to 12 curriculum, ELLN, PRIMALS and Critical Contents.
  15. There is a greater chance for promotion. We just have to work hard to earn it.
  16. I am happy to see my former pupils achieving their goals in life.
  17. The feeling is so great, when a former pupil visits and utters a word of thanks.
  18. Educating other people is a great contribution to our nation. Our learners today are our leaders tomorrow.
  19. I love my work.
  20. I love the teaching profession.

I haven’t figured out yet my best reason why I’m into teaching. All I know is, this is my first love, and I cannot see myself in any other profession except for teaching. Nobody knows what the future will bring and how long would I stay in the department, but for me, my given reasons are enough to stay in DepEd.

The impact of every circumstance will depend on how you will take it, and on how you will react on it. Yes! there are a lot of issues that our department is currently facing. These issues must be faced and addressed. I am not saying that teachers’ salary is already enough with its workload, what I am trying to say is behind all the issues and controversies, I do believe and hope that teachers will be recognized, and valued by its worth.

I’m not asking people to understand my point, but I’ am hoping to encourage teachers, to love their work, their pupils and their teaching environment, and to give the best that they can, to produce better education for the Filipinos. Teaching is not just a job, but teaching is definitely a VOCATION.

LOVE what you are doing and LOVE your profession, because you will surely not call it STRESS but PASSION…

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