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A teachers’ group has called on the Department of Education (DepEd) to review its policies on teachers’ working conditions, citing the recent suicides of two public school teachers over exhausting workloads.

“Initially, we call on [Education] Secretary Leonor Briones to reduce the clerical tasks of public school teachers by allowing the use of simplified lesson log and halt the implementation of DepEd Order 42 issued by her predecessor Secretary Armin Luistro less than a month before leaving DepEd,” Benjo Basas, the national chairman of the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC), said in a statement.

“We stand by the fact that the more detailed the lesson plan is, the more the teachers become unproductive because they have to [work]overnight just to comply with the requirements of a ‘good’ lesson plan. Thus, making them exhausted during the most important part of teaching-classroom instruction,” Basas added.

Last year, a teacher from Albay reportedly hanged herself after a series of complaints regarding her lesson plans.
Earlier this month, another teacher, this time from Leyte, took her own life.


The reason, according to her close friends, was the burden she had to endure everyday.

The newly hired teacher had to prepare at least 24 lesson plans daily to comply with requirements of her work. She taught various grades in a barrio school.

In June 2016, Luistro released DepEd Order 42 or the Policy Guidelines on Daily Lesson Preparation for the K-to-12 Basic Education Program, citing several researches done in other countries and superseding the previous DepEd Order 70, which he also issued in 2012 when the K-to-12 curriculum started.

“Teachers in our country are underpaid. The salaries they are getting are way below their Asian counterparts.

Worse, the pay is not commensurate to their roles, tasks and functions, to their supposed social status. Teachers in the Philippines are overworked. Most of the tasks are not so related to teaching. There are many reports that need to be accomplished. There are a number of school forms and there is this learners’ information system,” Basas said.

“They need to accomplish requirements to earn points in the new performance evaluation system. There are required researches, seminars and other assignments. Some are even assigned in canteens, feeding programs, community linkages and other ancillary services,” he added.

The group has been appealing this matter since July 2016.

“Please liberate our teachers from clerical tasks and burden of lesson-plan preparation. By doing so, we could make them stay. We will ensure their efficient and effective teaching. We could guarantee their physical and mental health. Most of all, they will face everyday teaching full of enthusiasm and passion,” Basas said.

source: Manila Times Website

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Michael Montuya

A Public School Teacher who loves to make some IT Stuff such as blog that can help to provide information to all teachers around the Globe.



Michael Montuya

Michael Montuya

A Public School Teacher who loves to make some IT Stuff such as blog that can help to provide information to all teachers around the Globe.